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'''4/23/17 Jim Swihart - This is My Bible'''''

'''NOTES This is My Bible'''''

'''4/16/17 Jim Swihart - The Stone was Rolled Away'''''

'''NOTES The Stone was Rolled Away'''''

'''4/9/17 Jim Swihart - Knowing the King'''''

'''NOTES Knowing the King'''''

'''4/2/17 Jim Swihart - Who Can't, Who Can, Who Did'''''

'''NOTES Who Can't, Who Can, Who Did'''''

'''3/26/17 Jay Heckman - Rich Toward God'''''

'''3/19/17 Ross Hartley - I Am Still Waiting'''''

'''NOTES I Am Still Waiting'''''

'''3/12/17 Jim Swihart - Sweeter Than'''''

'''NOTES Sweeter Than'''''

'''3/5/17 Jim Swihart - Work, Work, Work pt 2'''''

'''NOTES Work, Work, Work, pt 2'''''

'''2/26/17 Jim Swihart - Work, Work, Work'''''

'''NOTES Work, Work, Work'''''

'''2/19/17 Jim Swihart - FOCUS pt 5'''''

'''NOTES FOCUS pt 5'''''

'''2/12/17 Jim Swihart - FOCUS pt 4'''''

'''NOTES FOCUS pt 4'''''

'''2/5/17 Shane Good - How is Your Life with God'''''

'''NOTES How is your life with God'''''

'''1/29/17 Jim Swihart - The Tithe'''''

'''NOTES The Tithe'''''

'''1/15/17 Jim Swihart - FOCUS pt 3'''''

'''NOTES FOCUS Pt 3'''''

'''1/8/17 Jim Swihart - FOCUS pt 2'''''

'''NOTES FOCUS pt 2'''''

'''1/1/17 Jim Swihart - Word 2017'''''

'''NOTES Word 2017'''''